CPVFD Sensors

Real-time sensor data from CPVFD:



2 thoughts on “CPVFD Sensors

  1. al meyer/n9kxs

    very interesting project i was wondering if i could purchase 1 or 2 of those boards blank or populated,
    i’d perfer blank but would need parts list ..
    also one other idea would this work on a yaesu ft-101…
    thank you for your time take care

    73 al n9kxs

    1. admin Post author

      I assume you’re talking about the DG5 emulator – somehow this comment wound out on the sensor page of my website. If so, you can buy blank boards on this page: http://www.kv6o.com/wordpress/projects/kenwood-dg5-emulator/

      Build instructions and a BoM are included on the page.

      I doubt it would work on a FT-101 without changes – the hardware might be suitable but the code would have to be changed. I don’t know enough about the Yaesu’s.


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