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PHP Weather Station Scripts for Ultimeter 2100 (CWOP)

Back in the summer of 2013 I was looking for a replacement for my laptop that was sending weather updates from my Peet Bros U2100 to the CWOP network.  My laptop died, and I thought this would be the perfect application for my Raspberry Pi.  I found a script the the U800 (see post below for more) and got it working for the U2100, but it needed a few tweaks to work properly with the U2100.  Specifically, the changes I made were:

  • Changed time to localtime() – be sure your rasperry pi is set to the correct timezone.
  • Changed humidity as  the U2100 reports 3 digits.
  • Changed wind reporting as U2100 reports in kph, not mph.
  • Changed temp reporting to handle negative numbers.

This code has been working for my U2100 for over 6 months with few problems, such as
the negative temps not being handled correctly being the last thing fixed. I wasn’t
aware of the issue till it got cold enough!   See the original post for more on how to use it with the RPi, many thanks to CloudHopper who provided it.

My weather station’s data can be seen HERE. Every once and a while I see the local news show my stations data on the air – cool!

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