DG5 project pages updated, new PCB’s and kits(!) now available

The DG5 Project page has been updated with some new info, and new PayPal ordering buttons for both the old PCB (Version 1.5) and the new PCB (Version 2). There are also a very limited number of kits available, If the reception is good I’ll make up some more.

The new DG5 V2 page has some further info, and hosts the build page.

Lastly, a pic of a modified LCD version I loaded. I purchased a 4X20 LCD display for another project and decide to see about hooking it up to the DG5 and displaying more data:

Building stuff is FUN!

18 thoughts on “DG5 project pages updated, new PCB’s and kits(!) now available

  1. Ian Lyckholm

    Hello Stephen
    I would like to purchase the v2 complete kit.
    I tried to buy it through paypal this afternoon but I had a refund not long after.
    Is it possible to purchase a kit?
    Ian Lyckholm
    South Australia

    1. Stephen Leander Post author

      Ian – Shipping to Australia is $16.39 USD – If you like, I can send you an invoice. Steve KV6O

    1. Stephen Leander Post author

      You can, but the version 1.5 PCB requires an Arduino, so you can just load the program using the Arduino.

      But I can sell you a chip if you still want, figure $4.50 plus shipping, I need to figure out how to package it.

    1. Stephen Leander Post author

      Hi Brian! It’ll work with the Heathkit SB line as well, and heck, you could adapt it I bet…

  2. Jeff N6JDG


    Will you be putting more kits up on eBay any time soon? I’d love to buy one!

    Jeff N6JDG

    1. Stephen Leander Post author

      Jeff –

      Yes, hopefully soon! I’ll drop you a line when I have more kitted up. I have the parts, just need the time. I think I can get to it this weekend…


      1. Jeff N6JDG

        You let me know and I’ll throw some cash your way. I’ve had great results with the earlier board, but I’d like the idea of freeing the project up from the Duemillanove. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. John Bishop

    First of all, I am optimistic that your idea goes forward.
    Secondly, I would like to get in line to purchase one of your kits.
    The combination of my TS-520s and your frequency counter is so
    Look forward to hearing from your response

  4. Joe AB1YO

    I like to know if you will be making your kits available again? I have a Kenwood TS520SE that I’d like to pair this with.

  5. Carlos Moura

    Dear Stephen

    I would like to buy a kit in the led version.

    This kit is still available


    Carlos Moura
    São Paulo – Brasil

  6. Ed

    Hi Stephen
    do you have any plans to order new set of the boards.
    With couple friends we like your professional solution, which provides real frequency the radio is on.
    The kit on eBay somebody sells , is not the best idea, it measures only VFO frequency
    and has fixed programmed BFO and heterodyne frequency.

  7. Joel Hansen

    This is great work! I would love to have the 4X20 LCD display build kit. Let me know how to order one.

  8. David Copeland

    I ordered the DG5 board on eBay from the Chinese supplier and they are now asking for my phone # and my email address. I am under the impression that they are shipping parcel post and I frankly don’t understand why they need this information. Am I missing something here?



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