Monthly Archives: October 2019

New run of DG5 emulator boards in stock

I received another run of 100 PCB’s for the DG5 emulator, project info here.  Please read before ordering – this isn’t a kit – you will need additional components.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE NOTE!  Please e-mail me at (mycall is the website you’re on!) before placing an order.  On January 21, 2018, USPS stopped allowing USPS First Class Mail to contain goods, only documents.  Rates for goods are MUCH higher, unfortunately.  

ALSO NOTE (2/8/2020): The Arduino Duemilanove is difficult to find, and the 3 RCA connectors used in this design are no longer available. If you have a Duemilanove, and can solder jumpers to panel mount RCA connectors, you should have no problems.