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    Hi Steve,
    I have built up my DG-5 Emulator using the Arduino UNO R3, but cannot locate the necessary code to program it. Your code would be appreciated. I`m all hooked up to my laptop,and ready to go.

    73, Russell——-ZS2AHF

  2. Mike Myrick

    Hi Steve,

    I received the two boards shipped January 24th. And, I have received parts from Mouser Electronics and Sparkfun.

    Would you kindly provide:

    The Arduino Duemilanove board is discontinued. Which Arduino board should I obtain?

    Instructions would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
    Mike Myrick

  3. Stephen Leander

    You might be able to find a Duemilanove on eBay – the later boards use ceramic resonators that aren’t nearly accurate enough. If your comfortable soldering small things, you can replace the ceramic resonator on a Uno with a proper crystal and caps.

    I am working on an integrated board (not a shield), but it’s not done yet.


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