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  1. Kenneth Hepner

    I have, a 520s and no experience in soldering. I truly am lost without a frequency readout. Is this a beginner level build, or one where experience is needed to successfully complete a usable readout. I am interested in the LCD version. Any thoughts or suggestions would help. If it is one where experience would help, guide me to some beginner level builds. Every retailers says their is simple to build, but, simple to them and simple to me may not be the same skill level. FYI, I have a neurological disorder that makes my hands tremble some times. I want to build my own “stuff”.

    1. Stephen Leander

      This is not a beginner project, it’s not a kit at all and you’re let to get the parts yourself. The soldering isn’t terribly difficult, no surface mount or really tight components, but it’s still not a beginner project. Can you find someone to help you? A local ham club?



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