Monthly Archives: March 2020

DG5 project pages updated, new PCB’s and kits(!) now available

The DG5 Project page has been updated with some new info, and new PayPal ordering buttons for both the old PCB (Version 1.5) and the new PCB (Version 2). There are also a very limited number of kits available, If the reception is good I’ll make up some more.

The new DG5 V2 page has some further info, and hosts the build page.

Lastly, a pic of a modified LCD version I loaded. I purchased a 4X20 LCD display for another project and decide to see about hooking it up to the DG5 and displaying more data:

Building stuff is FUN!

New boards have arrived, built prototype boards on eBay

The version 2.0.3 version of the PCB has arrived. I can ship the blank PCB and update the BOM so folks can order the parts, you’ll either need to have the capability of programming an Atmel 328P chip, or order up an Arduino UNO with one and pull the chip out of it after you download the program. I will work on putting together a few complete kits here as well as I have the parts – this would include a pre-programmed 328P. I might sell the PCB with the pre-programmed 328P as well – I guess I need to see what people want! Comments welcome!

I put one of the built, prototype boards on eBay – Ends in a couple of days, but I’ll post the other 2 as well to try to recoup some of the costs developing the new PCB.

Since I don’t have the BOM updated yet, and I don’t have a way to order, please either leave a comment or send me an e-mail ( and we can figure it out.

UPDATE 3/8/20 – I have updated the Bill of Materials (BOM), schematic, and Eagle files on DG5 GitHub Project Page Click on the PCB link to see the files.

I have ordered up parts for 10 kits, and will hopefully be able to sell them soon. If you are looking to order a new board, please e-mail me ( as you might want to also purchase a pre-programmed Atmel 328P, a 10ppm crystal (currently back-ordered on Mouser), etc. I’ll hopefully get a better Paypal ordering system going here soon.