The DG5 Kits appear to be popular!

I tried an experiment back in March, and “kitted” up a few DG5 Emulators and put them on eBay. They sold, I bought more hardware to make more kits, they sold, and so on. So far, I have sold 25 kits, so I made a larger order today for the parts for another 20 rather than 5-10 at a time.

I have also almost exclusively sold them thru eBay, which has some pluses and minus. One big plus, is there is more exposure to folks looking for a DG5 there. International shipping appears to be easier and cheaper – I have sent kits internationally for $10 rather than the $17 or so it currently costs via USPS. They collect taxes for the State it ships to (not sure if this is a plus or a minus), and their order processing is as streamlined as it can get. Minus is the additional charges and fees they charge (on top of PayPal), which is why I have to charge more. Such is life I guess!

I was able to purchase a color printer, so now all the kits include 8 color pages of the build instructions. All in all, some life has been breathed into this project over the past 6-months. I’d like to come up with a case for the project, and do some more videos describing how it works – hopefully this summer!

Thanks for all the feedback, and I am currently out of stock as the last 2 sold today. It might take 2-3 weeks before I have the next 20 kits ready – the LED displays take the longest to source as they come from China.

10 thoughts on “The DG5 Kits appear to be popular!

        1. Stephen Leander Post author

          Can do. I should have all the parts by next week, hopefully I can kit some up by the weekend.

          1. Nick Kwasniewski

            You’re the best! I’ve seen a few DG-5’s on eBay but given that I’m on a 2 week quarantine from work, why spend the 200 bucks on average when it would be way more fun to somewhat fabricobble my own. Not mention supporting the hard work of someone doing something out of love

    1. Adhi Wibowo

      Hi Steve,
      trying to build ver 1.5, already made the PCBs based on your Eagle files.
      will let you know when finished soldering all the parts.
      thank you for your great work!


  1. Donovan Dyer

    I’ve been getting your emails for some time now but sadly have been so busy I haven’t been looking at them until today. I see the new DG5 emulator is sans-arduino? I have the old board, and I’m wondering how it measures up to the new design? I have been so busy I haven’t finished the kit. The board is together, mated up with the arduino, and ready to put power to it and was putting it in an enclosure when it seems I lost interest and went on to something else. It happens more than I would like to admit.


    1. Donovan Dyer WA1YDK

      So after getting it into a enclosure I’ve shorted something and the board seems to be over heating, looking for troubshooting help


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