9 DG5 PCB’s left as of 5/28/17

FYI – I only have 9 PCB’s left – I’ll probably let these sell out before I order another batch as I want to make sure that there is still interest.  

11 thoughts on “9 DG5 PCB’s left as of 5/28/17

  1. Ed Kreusel

    Steve –
    Thank you for your work on this project. I have completed building one of the boards and intend on modifying it to work on another rig, HW-101. Your project has stimulated many of us to get involved with other homebrew projects.
    Thank you, Ed, K5TX

    1. Ed Kreusel

      http://www.k4eaa.com is a great Kenwood site with very good troubleshooting tips. Go to the Q&A section for possible help. I think most Kenwoods are very capable receivers when working correctly.

      Ed, K5TX

      1. Ed

        Thank you for the comments. I’ll check it out. Any guess as to when you’ll have some more DG boards?



  2. Orville Waggoner Wa8WJW

    I see your out of the dg5 bds. Are you going to order any more? Thanks for your hard work on this, just discovered this info today.


    1. admin Post author

      I do have a couple of boards left, I am having trouble modifying the paypal ordering system… I’ll send you an e-mail when I get a chance!


  3. Chris

    I just got a ts520 last week and was excited to see this project. I’d be interested to know when you get more PCB’s in. I’ll keep a lookout for updates.

    Thanks and 73

  4. Steve Fulton

    Steve, please add me to the list of people interested in purchasing one of your PCBs.

    Steve F. KK6FTJ

  5. George Mirtsos

    Hello Steve
    Im interesting in two boards if have left
    please inform me on shipping with a mail


  6. Donovan Dyer

    I see the last inputs on this page are more than a year old, as this technology is way over my head, I’m really wanting to catch up, and make my 520s talk to the computer, which I have been told by several people that it is impossible. Looking at this page, and seeing the actual boards working, it’s not unbelievable to me to think I can do this too. If this project is not working out on this page, I would love to hear from people taking it further, thank you


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