New(er) DG5 Board Design

The prototypes I received had a few issues – I neglected to add filtering caps for the supply as the original design didn’t need it – the Arduino host board had them. I also had a couple of wiring errors. The bigger issue was the lack of availability of another part – the three RCA connectors. It turns out that SparkFun no longer has these parts, and when I checked with their supplier (4UCON) the minimum order was 3000 pieces. Not happening.

Version 2.0.2 has some corrections, and incorporates a triple RCA connector that is available from Mouser. The jacks are spread out a little further as well, which is probably a good thing as the original was pretty tight due to the limitations of the Arduino Shield size. The 2.0.2 version is a little wider as well as longer.

The board is now 3.5″ X 2.5″.

I’ll order another set of prototypes to test, and hopefully be able to make a larger order to make available. The existing shield based version still works just fine, you just need to source a Arduino Duemilanove (or equivalent), and solder coax jumpers to panel mount RCA’s as the PCB mount RCA’s the board is designed for are unavailable.

New schematic:

Download (PDF, 54KB)

Prototype PCB’s round 2 have been ordered from OSHPark, more to come!

6 thoughts on “New(er) DG5 Board Design

  1. Al Tetzlaff (KG5FGL)

    Freetronics ( has an Arduino equivalent (“Eleven”) that has a true crystal controlled microprocessor and works great with the original KV60 board. I am using it on my Heathkit HW-101.

    Excellent! Thanks for the info!


  2. Victor

    On my counter I installed pannel mount RCA connectors with short coax cables to the board. It worked great…

  3. Colin Smith

    I am interested in the new(latest) board,I would like to make a pre-order for 2 boards and 2 programmed processors

      1. Colin Smith

        Hi Stephen,I am still very interested in the new board and processors,however in view of the current situation with the big”C” I will have to put it on hold for the moment,best regards Colin (G1PGI)


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