New boards in stock!

The new run of boards is in!  If you sent me a message, I’ll be sending you an e-mail on how to order in the next day or so, then I’ll make the remaining board available on the project page.

UPDATE 12/04/14 – boards are back in stock an available – see the project page

5 thoughts on “New boards in stock!

  1. Don Link

    How do I buy 2 of your boards/ kits as shown in the ToddFun video?
    I can’t find a place on your website to place an order.
    It’s probably there and I can’t see for looking.

  2. Donovan Dyer WA1YDK

    I built the original board that goes with the Arduino, it worked right from the start, so I decided to put it into a cabinet. In doing so, it appears I shorted something on the board, something it drawing a lot of amps, the heat shield I installed in the 7805 I can solder with, (not quite, but it’s hot), and I’m wondering if there is a trouble shoot page for the board? Thanks.


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