DG5 Emulator boards still available as of 2/8/15

DG5 Emulator boards are still available, 10 left as of this morning (2/8/15). Details on the project, with a link for ordering a board can be found here.

It sometimes takes me a day or two to respond to e-mails or posts made as I have a new job that’s keeping me busy. I took a position back in November managing a public safety radio system, an 800Mhz, P25 based trunked system with about 133 repeaters across 13 sites! There’s a lot going on, so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play around with the TS-520S and the DG-5 emulator, however, one of the points to the open source movement is to allow for others to take a project and run with it. I had some code on the running on the Arduino late last year along with a AD9850 DDS board that added a DDS VFO to the 520S – there’s lots that could be done if someone want’s to put in the time!


UPDATE – as of 2/13 I only have 4 boards left. If there is continued interest once these are gone, I’ll make a 3rd run of them.

UPDATE – as of 2/15 I only have 2 boards left.

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