DG5 boards SOLD OUT.

I am out of the DG5 emulator boards. Given that the last few boards came in slowly, I am not planning on another board production run at this point. If enough folks want one (make a post below), I’ll look into another run of boards. Thanks to all who have purchased, and I hope you’re enjoying your Arduino AD5 emulator!

7/31/15 – I have received a lot of interest over the past few months, so I have put in a request for pricing on another order of boards – will let folks now if I pull the trigger! Thanks for your patience!


16 thoughts on “DG5 boards SOLD OUT.

  1. Paul Lovekamp KE3LR

    Hello, I’m restoring a TS-520, and just today found your blog! I wish I’d found it a few weeks ago, when you still had boards. Any chance of getting some more? Or if not, do you have a link to where I could get one made from your design files?

    Thanks for sharing this project!

    Paul KE3LR

    1. Jack Buzzard

      I AM INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A DG 5 BOARD. Please let me know if you are going to have another run made. Jack Buzzard KK6OSY

  2. John Yaeger W0PWD

    I would like to buy one DG5 emulator board when (if) they next become available. Thank you for your work on this project.

    1. Gary

      John, trying to find you. thought id tell you were 58 in SD this afternoon with you eight watts, went down 3kc and gave you a long call but no joy. the other gentleman had the freq and was already being called when you signed. couldnt find your info on QRZ.com or Facebook..

  3. Jim Lajoie

    Hi i have a ts520 and would like a DG5 emulator if they become available again as well.

    -Jim KB1DTF

    1. admin Post author

      I don’t, But I’ll try to make an order given the interest at this point…

      I put in an e-mail to the US supplier I have been using to get a price on another 30 or so boards – will follow up here!



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