DG5 Emulator boards SOLD OUT.

The last 10 orders or so came in very slowly, so I’ll have to wait and see before I order more. I am hoping with the improvements made to the code, and a 7-segment LED version working and (hopefully!) a Nixie version not far behind that there will be more interest moving forward. I’ll post more here as I make progress, I have some mechanical work to to on the 7-Segment version before I shoot a video and post it. I have the front panel cut and a bezel installed, and 3 discrete 3mm LEDs to indicate USB/LSB/CW done, just need to work on getting the display mounted in the case positioned behind the bezel properly.


2 thoughts on “DG5 Emulator boards SOLD OUT.

  1. leif anderson

    I need the new board really I need a completed unit . I am 68 yr old disabled vet on fixed income and live in a very small apt. Iraq kicked my ass but still got the bug for ham radio. and starting back up with a kenwood TS 520 just got old call sign was W6FOR. many years ago but I find my eyes are not quite up to reading the dial on this radio. LET ME KNOW IF I CAN GET A COMPLEATE READY TO USE UNIT FROM YOU AND WHAT THE COST IS. thank you 73s
    W6FOR. Manchester nh. 03101

    1. admin Post author

      Jake –

      Unfortunately, I don’t have complete units, just boards (and I don’t even have those right now). The original DG5 does come up on eBay from time to time.

      Good Luck!



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