Kenwood DG5 Emulator with Nixies is working!

I seem to be going backwards with my display technology for this emulator. First it was an LCD display, then LED’s, now Nixies! I completed wiring up a set of TaylorEdge SmartNixies ( using the IN-12b Nixie tube. They make using Nixies with a micro-controller easy. Each module has a PIC controller that is I2C addressable, so wiring is much easier than wiring up all the cathodes and anodes of 6 tubes – just +5V, +170V (for the tubes), GND, and SDA/SCL data lines. 5 wires daisy chained together.

I need to find an enclosure to get this mounted in, and given the size I’ll need I am thinking about a wooden enclosure with a speaker as well, unless I find some old test equipment shell I can mount this in – like an old Heathkit Frequency counter or similar.

So, to review, LCD is nice, LED’s are correct (the original DG5 used LED’s), and Nixies are the best!

5 thoughts on “Kenwood DG5 Emulator with Nixies is working!

  1. Charles Roberts

    Awesome work!
    I just bought a TR-520S as I re-enter then ham world. Having a digital VHO is something that really would like to have. I have ordered your board the BOM’s from Mouser and AdaFruit.

    BUT! Nexies HAVE to be used! I want Nixies!

    I’ll have to look at the web page for them but is there going to be a firmware update to add Nexies?

    C. Roberts

  2. Charles Roberts

    I’ve actually purchased Nixie tubes. Several types. Thin grid IN-8-2’s for the frequency (stand up type of Nixie with fine mesh grid) and a few sets of IN-1 (button type, also fine mesh) for 2 clocks (zulu time and my time) and also some 5x IN-9 Bargraph Nixie Tube Neon NOS for VU Meter for Forward and reverse power for SWR display.
    I’ll package it all up into a box that is fit on top of my TS-520s.

    C Roberts

  3. MS

    Hi Steve
    Nixie display looks really fantastic !
    Are going to list this nixie counter soon ? I’m interested.
    It would be appreciated.

    1. admin Post author

      I’ll try, been busy with work and life lately, hopefully I’ll have some time to dig in and update things!



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