New boards in stock!

I received another run of 100 PCB’s for the DG5 emulator, project info here.  Please read before ordering – this isn’t a kit – you will need additional components.

Same price, $8.00 + $2.50 shipping for as many boards as you like. In most circumstances, I can ship internationally for this price as well. Rather than having to find the link to order on the project page (which has gotten rather large!) you can use the link below:


8 thoughts on “New boards in stock!

  1. David Leckie

    Just ordered a board its to the UK so please let me know if I owe you any extra carriage.
    No rush for delivery it will be a winter project.
    I have a “Remote VFO” for my TS 520S. Does it work when on this VFO?

    Are you still recommending the Duemilanove over the Uno? Its just the former, while available, seem a bit scarce.

  2. Stephen Trigg

    I found your site while looking for a DG-5 for my 520s. I am new to Ham radio and at this point I lack the technical background to build one of your DG5 Emulator versions. Would you know anyone who builds them for sale? I thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Stephen Leander

      I do, however I am not shipping to Italy anymore – too many lost boards and International rates seem to have jumped. Please let me know where you would like the boards shipped before ordering – thanks!



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