International shipping costs skyrocket!

I don’t know what the USPS is thinking, but I can no longer ship international for the $2.50 I have been charging.  The USPS rate for a document is about $2.50 (for 1 ounce), but for goods it varies – I tried to ship to Australia and it was over $13!  Bottom line, if you want me to ship internationally, please send me an e-mail first with you address – I’ll have to see if Paypal can do the calculations, but in the mean time please ask first at my call @ my (same as the website you’re on!)

5 thoughts on “International shipping costs skyrocket!

  1. William Noble

    Hello, I am gathering information about the DG-5 emulator project. I have looked all over your KV6O webpage…but I cannot find a parts list, what did I miss?

  2. Gilles DELPECH

    Hello Steve

    I have just acquired a TS-520S in very good condition and I will mount three DG5 (LCD, LED and NIXIES). For printed circuit boards it will cost me less to order them at OSH Park. It is true that it becomes difficult to work internationally with UPS.

    I hope you will not mind.

    Is the VFO DDS project stopped?

    Gilles – F1BFU /Fr French Ham radio station

    1. Stephen Leander Post author

      Gilles –

      I never proceeded with the DDS project as I found an external VFO that worked just fine for my needs.


  3. Anthony Gapps

    Hi there from Australia…..
    I wish to buy one of your dg-5 emulator boards.. (DG-5 Shield) ..Can you please give me a total cost including shipping to post code 2773 Australia in US$.


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