New DG5 PCB batch ordered

UPDATE 10/17/19 – new boards have arrived, hopefully I can get the ordering process up and running this weekend.

I have ordered another 100 boards, which should be here in a few weeks. There still seems to be interest, so I’ll keep supplying the boards! I’ll post an update when they are ready to ship.

7 thoughts on “New DG5 PCB batch ordered

  1. Jeff Greenly

    When ordering becomes available, I’d like to order at least two boards, please. Will you be announcing when they arrive?

    Jeff N6JDG

  2. Victor

    Hi Stephen,
    I’ll be interested to get 3 PCB’s since I’d like to build a version of each : LED, LCD and NIXIE…


  3. Shawn Reed

    I would much like to build this project, for my 520 and the learnin. It sounds as if new boards are just around the corner. Is it possible to be notified when you are ready? thank you, sreed.


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