DG5 PCBs out of stock as of 9/17/19

The last 100 boards took about 2 years to sell, not sure if there is enough interest for another run. If you’re interested in a DG5 emulator board as described here, please leave me note below!

10 thoughts on “DG5 PCBs out of stock as of 9/17/19

  1. Victor Bigea

    Hi Stephen,
    I’ve been looking for a while to find boards for LED and NIXIE type emulator. I’d really be interested if any a of these will be available…

  2. Al Tetzlaff

    Are there any remaining PCBs? I’ve ordered the parts from Mouser & Sparkfun and now all I need is the PCB.


    1. Stephen Leander Post author

      I received the new set of PCB’s, and hopefully this weekend I’ll have time to get the PayPal ordering page back up and running.


  3. Victor

    This is a great counter Got the boards and built the LED version; I used the Arduino Genuino Uno board which I could find at eBay for $9 and it comes with a 16 MHZ clock crystal instead of a ceramic resonator. It works great!

  4. Harold

    Hi Steve…

    I am VERY interested in your version 2 board so if you have a couple laying around, I would like to
    purchase them from you.
    I left another message early with a very general request of an update but saw this thread I thought I would
    ask here.

    Thanks for a cool project/need and hope to hear from you soon.

    Las Vegas, NV

    1. Stephen Leander Post author

      Harold – I have had to put this project on the back burner due to work and life, but I can set you some boards. I do have the parts to kit up a few, let me know which way you’d like to go.



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