DG5 PCBs out of stock as of 9/17/19

The last 100 boards took about 2 years to sell, not sure if there is enough interest for another run. If you’re interested in a DG5 emulator board as described here, please leave me note below!

11 thoughts on “DG5 PCBs out of stock as of 9/17/19

  1. Victor Bigea

    Hi Stephen,
    I’ve been looking for a while to find boards for LED and NIXIE type emulator. I’d really be interested if any a of these will be available…

  2. Al Tetzlaff

    Are there any remaining PCBs? I’ve ordered the parts from Mouser & Sparkfun and now all I need is the PCB.


    1. Stephen Leander Post author

      I received the new set of PCB’s, and hopefully this weekend I’ll have time to get the PayPal ordering page back up and running.


  3. Victor

    This is a great counter Got the boards and built the LED version; I used the Arduino Genuino Uno board which I could find at eBay for $9 and it comes with a 16 MHZ clock crystal instead of a ceramic resonator. It works great!

  4. Harold

    Hi Steve…

    I am VERY interested in your version 2 board so if you have a couple laying around, I would like to
    purchase them from you.
    I left another message early with a very general request of an update but saw this thread I thought I would
    ask here.

    Thanks for a cool project/need and hope to hear from you soon.

    Las Vegas, NV

    1. Stephen Leander Post author

      Harold – I have had to put this project on the back burner due to work and life, but I can set you some boards. I do have the parts to kit up a few, let me know which way you’d like to go.


  5. Harold

    So I am going to build this DG5 emulator on a home-brew PCB but need a DK-520 kit for my Kenwood TS-520 which is OBSOLETE but I have the schematic which is not a bad circuit to emulate. In this circuit there is a buffer amp on the HET signal coming from the radio that would feed the Emulator, which OF COURSE, the Bipolar Transistor used is OBSOLETE and is HARD AS HECK to locate a replacement version.
    1st, using the DG-5 Emulator instead of an actual DG-5, would the buffer amp still be needed and
    2nd, if so, does anyone have any idea of what the gain of the buffer amp should be because I can home-brew a buffer amp with the 2N2222’s and other parts I have on hand. But I would rather start with a replica of the original DK-520 and experiment from there.
    Thanks all


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