New run of DG5 PCB’s on order as of 3/18/16

Update – boards have shipped as of today, 4/8/16. I should have them early next week and will probably build one to make sure they are good – I am using a different vendor for this run. I’ll let everyone who has posted inquiring about availability when I am ready to ship.

Due to the continued interest, I have ordered up another set of boards. I think as I finish up the LED and Nixie versions there might be more interest as well. The LED code is here, I haven’t released the Nixie code just yet but I will when I have the project complete. All three versions use the same PCB board – just different connections on the board.

More to come, but another run of boards is in the works!


13 thoughts on “New run of DG5 PCB’s on order as of 3/18/16

  1. Michael Rosanbalm

    Could I be notified when the DG5 emulator boards arrives?
    Or should I just keep checking back…

    Michael – AF7U

      1. David Vielbaum

        Hello Steve
        I just found out about your DG5 PCB’s
        Could you please let me know when you will have some available?

        Thank you
        David V

        1. admin Post author

          David –

          Will do. Boards have been ordered and I am hoping they ship in the next week.


  2. Ed Kreusel, K5TX

    Hello Steve –
    Great project, I want to use the emulator on an old HW-101.
    Please let me know how to order a PCB.


    1. admin Post author

      I’ll let you know, it will certainly need to be adapted to work with a HW-101, but it should be dooable. Let me know what you come up with! I’ll send you an e-mail when I get the new boards in.


  3. Robert Adams

    Hello Steve could I be notified when the DG5 emulator boards arrive
    i would love to build one for my 520 .
    Will you ship to Australia i hope so
    cheers 73 VK4AJR.


    Good morning Steve,

    I have tried contacting you on mycallsign & hotmail, but I am not sure that I`m reaching you.Please put me on your waiting list.I must replace my ailing DG5. If it will make easier ,you could send it to daughter in Tampa, Florida.

    Regards, Russell ZS2AHF.


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