New PCB’s in, Nixie version mounted in case

The new run of boards came in and look good visually – I want to build one and test before I start selling them since I used a different manufacturer this time. I have used them before with excellent results, but it’s been a few years. Just want to be sure before I start shipping these things all over the world!

I got the Nixie version mounted in a case a few weeks ago:

The case is a bit larger than I needed, but it gives me room to add a DDS VFO in the future, something I’ve been meaning to do. I haven’t posted the code for the Nixie version yet, if you’re interested, let me know. It uses Taylormade I2C Nixie modules that use the Russian IN-12B tubes.

For those who have requested that I e-mail them when the new boards come in – I will send you an e-mail when I am ready to ship, hopefully later this week. I might sell off the built test board as I am not sure if I really need 3 of these floating around my shack as I only have one TS-520S – more on that when I get it built. It would include the built board, an Arduino Duemilanove, and either an LCD or LED display – no case. Just a thought at this point.


1 thought on “New PCB’s in, Nixie version mounted in case


    Hi Steve,

    Great news——-should you make available a built-up LED unit, I would be be keen to make an offer,delivered Tampa, Florida.

    Regards, Russell ZS2AHF


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