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DG5 Emulator boards SOLD OUT.

The last 10 orders or so came in very slowly, so I’ll have to wait and see before I order more. I am hoping with the improvements made to the code, and a 7-segment LED version working and (hopefully!) a Nixie version not far behind that there will be more interest moving forward. I’ll post more here as I make progress, I have some mechanical work to to on the 7-Segment version before I shoot a video and post it. I have the front panel cut and a bezel installed, and 3 discrete 3mm LEDs to indicate USB/LSB/CW done, just need to work on getting the display mounted in the case positioned behind the bezel properly.


DG5 Emulator PCB stock getting low (and Happy New Year!)

As of 12/31/15 (just 2.5 hours before 2016 in fact) there are 8 boards left in stock. Sometimes it takes me a few days to get to shipping, but with family/work I can’t always be as quick to get them out as I’d like to. Thanks for the continued e-mails and posts about your projects, glad to hear about folks building and using the boards. Happy New Year!


New run of DG5 Emulator PCB’s has arrived!

I received a new batch of the DG5 emulator boards this morning, made by the same US manufacturer. I also was able to lower the price from $10 to $8. To order a board, please go to the project page – and read thru the project to see what you’re getting yourself into! There is a PayPal “Buy Now” button at the end of the project description that will take you to the PayPal site for order processing.

Thank you everyone for your continued interest!


New order of PCB’s for the DG5 emulator has been placed

Based on the feedback and e-mails requesting a DG5 emulator board, I placed an order for another run of PC boards – should ship on the 11th from the PCB house here in the US. I’ll post here when the new boards arrive and are ready for shipment, and I’ll do my best to individually e-mail those who have written me over the past few months.

Thanks for your continued interest!


DG5 boards SOLD OUT.

I am out of the DG5 emulator boards. Given that the last few boards came in slowly, I am not planning on another board production run at this point. If enough folks want one (make a post below), I’ll look into another run of boards. Thanks to all who have purchased, and I hope you’re enjoying your Arduino AD5 emulator!

7/31/15 – I have received a lot of interest over the past few months, so I have put in a request for pricing on another order of boards – will let folks now if I pull the trigger! Thanks for your patience!


DG5 Emulator boards still available as of 2/8/15

DG5 Emulator boards are still available, 10 left as of this morning (2/8/15). Details on the project, with a link for ordering a board can be found here.

It sometimes takes me a day or two to respond to e-mails or posts made as I have a new job that’s keeping me busy. I took a position back in November managing a public safety radio system, an 800Mhz, P25 based trunked system with about 133 repeaters across 13 sites! There’s a lot going on, so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play around with the TS-520S and the DG-5 emulator, however, one of the points to the open source movement is to allow for others to take a project and run with it. I had some code on the running on the Arduino late last year along with a AD9850 DDS board that added a DDS VFO to the 520S – there’s lots that could be done if someone want’s to put in the time!


UPDATE – as of 2/13 I only have 4 boards left. If there is continued interest once these are gone, I’ll make a 3rd run of them.

UPDATE – as of 2/15 I only have 2 boards left.

Digital readout for the original TS-520 by Mark Mohrmann, WA2FXM

Mark has written up a terrific document detailing how he added the Digital Display to his non “S”  TS-520.  There was a kit for the TS-520 back in the day to add the CAR/VFO/HET signal outputs, the TS-520S came with this option built in. Mark details how he built the interface, including the buffer amp necessary for the HET signal.  Thanks Mark!

New boards should be here any day, build pics from Mike, KD2DYY

To all those who have e-mailed me about boards, I should have the new run here soon, maybe even today! (UPDATE – FedEx says Tuesday, 12/2)  I’ll send each who requested an e-mail when I have them in hand.

Mike, KD2DYY sent me some pics of his build – nice work!  He did have some issues with the version of code, and the cable sets he was using – make sure you’re using the latest code (V1.5) that can be found on the build page:

Also, do make sure that the RCA cables you are using are good – I am using a set of cables that were from an old AV piece of gear. It’s original use was to carry Left and Right audio, and composite video, and it seems to work fine in this application.  Mike had to try 3 different cable sets before he got it working.  Here are some pics of his build:




Nice work, Mike!


DG5 Emulator Boards stock status

UPDATE 11/17/14 – new run of boards have been ordered today from AccuTrace, with a scheduled ship date (to me) of 11/24/14.  Rather than accepting orders right now, I’ll ship first come, first served to those who express interest via a post here.  No commitment, but if your interested please post a reply to this post (below) and I’ll reach out to you first.  After those orders have been fulfilled, I’ll reactivate the “buy now” link on the project page.  Thanks!

UPDATE – SOLD OUT as of 11/13/14. Please post here if you’re interested in a board – I’ll make more if folks want them!

I only have one more board (my original order was for 20), when that one is sold, the PayPal button should direct folks who want to buy a board here.  If you’re interested in a PCB for this project, please leave me a note – if there’s enough interest I’ll have another run of boards made an e-mail you when they come in.